Bernardo Per Fredrik Pebaqué
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    This is Part 2 of my new series of artwork called:
    The beautiful and ugly fishes of the North.
    European Eel.
    Endangered Sargasso Love.
    The Mysterious Globetrotter.. I have many names and many questions about this elusive fish.
    The drawing is of an Eel spawning in the Sargasso seaweed. Drawed it with lead and color markers, size is A3.
    Eels can live to be over a 100 years in a little well, while others love to spend their days hiding on the bottom of a forest lake and hunt at night.
    Then one beautiful day when they have reached a certain size, they migrate home to where they were born.. the salty Sargasso sea in the Bermuda triangle to spawn.
    Why? How? No one knows.
    Maybe the sea god Neptune has the answer.. but I think he is angry, the European Eel population has declined with ca 98% since 1980 because of overfishing, pollution and disease, it is a critically endangered species today.
    Things are being done to save the species now, so l hope we can save them for example by not fishing them.