Bernardo Per Fredrik Pebaqué
  • Firephants
  • Firephants
  • Firephants


    950 NOK


    A gang of African Elephants with some added warmth and colors, I often change the colors in my drawings.
    This summer was the hottest summer in Sweden for the last 260 years, and it actually followed the coldest and longest winter in many years.
    Here in Oslo, Norway we had around 25-30 celsius almost everyday in may, june and july! There was almost no rain in Sweden so fires broke out in most parts of the country and there was and still is a barbeque ban in many parts.
    The drawing of the red and blue elephants that are fighting a forest fire side by side,  is a tribute to the firefighters and all the volunteers that fought against the fires this summer.
    It is also a reminder of the warmest summer in my life, so far..
    Size A3, H 29,6 cm W 41,9 cm, no frame included.