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    Pico Zapato

    950 NOK


    A face off with this Shoebill Sheriff in the swamplands where it rains supreme would shorely be a moment to remember.
    This bird is ready for a fight against anyone who wants a beating, I will respect his authority!
    The eyes say so.
    Pico Zapato/Träskonäbb/Treskonebb/Shoebill aka Whalehead stork is a unique bird who lives in Africa.
    With its 150 cm in height, it is the top predator in the swamplands where it lives, the bird loves to fish!
    The color of the bird in the physical reality is grey for adults and brown for young ones.

    Sadly, as with many other beautiful animals it is in danger of being extinct.
    Size A3,  H 29,6 cm W 41,9 cm, no frame included.