Bernardo Per Fredrik Pebaqué
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    The Collective Mind

    950 NOK


    I think most of us agree that the smart phone is a very important part of our society now.
    It is almost a new part of my body, a part that I use to communicate, as a map, as a source of information, as a new kind of wallet, as a camera, an alarm clock, a shop like here or even a way to find love and restaurants and sights.. and so on. 
    I could continue for hours but I won´t.
    We humans and the collective mind/conciousness are one, connected through the internet in our phones.
    When some highschool students were asked if they would rather brake a finger or their smart phone, they chose the finger.
    That is how important it is to some and what the future brings.. well who knows.
    Size A3, H 29,6 cm W 41,9 cm, no frame included.