Bernardo Per Fredrik Pebaqué
  • The Wild One
  • The Wild One
  • The Wild One

    The Wild One

    950 NOK


    Purple spotted Swamphyena, having a late night snack after a wild and crazy night in the dark.
    I read this on Wikipedia about the hyena city of Harar in Ethiopia:

    Written records indicate that spotted hyena have been present in the walled Ethiopian city of  Harar for at least 500 years, where they sanitise the city by feeding on its organic refuse.

    The practice of regularly feeding them did not begin until the 1960s. The first to put it into practice was a farmer who began to feed hyenas in order to stop them attacking his livestock, with his descendants having continued the practice. Some of the hyena men give each hyena a name they respond to, and call to them using a "hyena dialect", a mixture of english and Oromo. The hyena men feed the hyenas by mouth, using pieces of raw meat provided by spectators. Tourists usually organise to watch the spectacle through a guide for a negotiable rate. As of 2002, the practice is considered to be on the decline, with only two practicing hyena men left in Harar. 

    Size A3, H 29,6 cm W 41,9 cm.