Bernardo Per Fredrik Pebaqué
  • Tiger Enga Oslo
  • Tiger Enga Oslo
  • Tiger Enga Oslo

    Tiger Enga Oslo

    950 NOK


    Oslo is known as the Tiger city.
    One explanation to the name is that the city was so dangerous once upon a time that they called it the tiger.
    Another reason might be the snowtigers living in the mountains surrounding us.. no of course there are no tigers here.
    I drawed this tiger in the colors of the biggest football club of the city, Vålerenga IF.
    The backdrop is the new skyline of the city, with the ever growing Barcode area and the church is Vålerenga kirke, extra sacred for the fans of this team who are also in the drawing.
    I love Oslo and even if I leave one day it will always be in my heart.
    Size A3, H 29,6 cm W 41,9 cm, no frame included.